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  • General

                         7th Grade Beginning Instrumental Music


  • Welcome to 7th Grade Band!!

    This year you will be learning to play an instrument from the wind or percussion family. These include flute, clarinet, trumpet and trombone from the wind family, and snare drum, bass drum and a few auxillary instruments from the percussion family.

    During the first week we will become familiar with what each instrument looks and sounds like and you will have the opportunity to try them all. Next week I will assign an instrument to each of you for the year.

    I am looking forward to our collaberation in creating a new music ensemble for ISL!

    Mr. Riddle


    • Guitar/Tablature

      I hope you had an excellent weekend!

      Please click on the link beleow (Guitar Tablature) and learn the information on the page. On Thursday I will diagram chords using tablature. These chords will be our first song!

      If you have any questions please drop an email to me.

      Mr. Riddle

    • Time to hear the tree fall...

      23 AUGUST 2012

      Now that we understand what sound is (and when a sound isn't a sound...) you will receive your instrument.

      You will receive instruction about how to assemble, disassemble and care for your instrument.  The best part is we are gonna make some sound!!

      Don't forget to bring your planner to class!!

      • Topic 5

        • Take your instruments home!


          Find a video on YouTube that features your instrument. Just your instrument, not a band.

          Note to drummers: search under "snare drum".

          Observe how they hold the instrument, how they move their they puff their cheeks? Look at how drummers hold their sticks. Try to do what you see in the video.

          Write down anything you may observe about how they play the instrument.

          Submit it to me via the Moodle by Tuesday morning, 18 September at 1000.

          On Wednesday Mrs. Riddle will have a listening activity with the class. During this activity I will pull you out in instrument groups and give you a quick lesson about how to properly hold and produce a sound on your instrument. You must pay close attention during this lesson!

          • Time Signatures/Fingering Charts

            Good class today! You ladies and gentlemen are beginning to understand music as a written language.

            Music Theory link


            Please click on the link below. Click on "Lessons" and then on "Note Duration". Read the lesson and compare what is said with the charts...just like the one we made in class.

            Now click on "Exercises" and then on "Note Identification". Go to the bottom of the page and click "Start Exercise".

            After you complete the exercise feel free to explore more of the lessons but wait to do the exercises until you are assigned them here on the Moodle.


            I was home sick on Friday. I haven't viewded your videos yet.

            I have posted fingering charts for your instruments...below.